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A Weekend Trip Down to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)

20th November 2014

Back in early September, I was so excited to get an email from Sea Side Reservations asking me to drive on down to Puerto Peñasco — known as Rocky Point to locals — for a gratis stay in one of their vacation rentals. A wanderlust craving a road trip, I couldn’t say no!

I’ve actually had friends recommend a trip down to Rocky Point in the past, but I never got the chance to actually go down there. So in the middle of October, just after a cold visit to Minnesota for my sister’s wedding, I headed to balmy Mexico to do important things such as sip on pineapple piña coladas, eat fresh seafood and dig my toes into the sand.


The accommodations — Bella Sirena Resort Room BE 503-V –  were far more than I expected. I mean… it was huge and completely furnished, complete with a dining room table, full kitchen, spacious (fancy pants) bathroom and a view. I mean, a really gorgeous view.  There was certainly enough room for at least two more people to join, if not more, and the rate is extremely affordable at $115 – $175 per night.

DSC_0031 DSC_0035That view — am I right?

DSC_0037 DSC_0044Hard to capture the bathroom, but it was a very nice space. Is it weird that I really like to look at bathrooms? Any time I visit a new restaurant or check into a hotel, I have to check out the bathrooms. Haha.

The morning after arriving, a sweet and highly recommend cafe called Kaffee Haus beckoned (yes, German food with a Mexican twist). Prices were low and the food was outstanding, as was the (much needed) coffee.

IMG_9953 IMG_9955Another highlight from the trip was a visit to Malecon, a fish and shrimp market where you can find lots of goods for sale (get your haggle hat on), tons of restaurant options, and, of course, fresh fish for dirt cheap. Also available: glorious views. I was a little overwhelmed with the touting, but it’s par for the course at markets like this.

DSC_0058 DSC_0062

DSC_0080 IMG_0084These giant clams were about 10 for $3. Dinner was excellent that night, especially sitting out on the patio with the sound of crashing waves.

And finally… the Gulf of California is truly beautiful, and probably one of the main reasons people venture to Rocky Point is to splash in the waves. It was nice to be able to walk out of the Bella Sirena hotel room and straight onto the beach. I worried about it being too crowded, but it was buzzing just enough to make you feel like you were in good company without overwhelming you with crowds. There were massages to be had (yes, seaside massages), horse rides, and plenty more.

IMG_0037  IMG_0051

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

IMG_0081I’ll be back, Rocky Point! <3


*Hotel accommodations were paid for by Sea Side Reservations in exchange for a blog review.

A Few of My Favorite (Baked) Things

13th November 2014

I just threw two loaves of (my pretty darn impressive) banana bread into the oven and my goodness does it smell amazing… I’ve always contended that a home that smells like food, especially baking bread or pastries, is particularly inviting. If only I had the time to always have something in the oven!

Baking really is a favorite pastime of mine — especially desserts. What’s funny is that I don’t really even like to eat desserts all that often, so I often only bake when I have an exchange coming up or an event where I can spread the caloric wealth. Unless I’m baking banana bread because, duh, you always want that around. Ha.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for this bread to finish, I thought it’d be fun to pull together some of my favorite things I’ve baked in the recent past. I’ve included recipe links where applicable.

Red Velvet Oreo Stuffed Crinkle Cookies

DSC_0342 2I made these the day before a party and they were a hit… Almost too luxurious, if you ask me! Recipe link.

Cinnamon Rolls

DSC_0105These are just your everyday, run-of-the-mill cinnamon rolls. But my goodness were they delicious, and they’re notable because they were my first ever attempt. I made these and then shared some with my grandparents who were in town for the winter.

Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies

6479470799_812eef8141_bYes that is a cat nose. I made these for a holiday cookie exchange and they took FOREVER. Whew. Tip: use the best butter you can find for the buttercream filling. The more expensive, the better. It’s worth it. Recipe here.

Breaking Bad Chocolate Cupcakes With Chili P

bbcupcakesWhat do you bake when you’re headed to a Breaking Bad finale party? Cupcakes with Jesse’s secret ingredient, of course! What a fun night (and great ending). I winged it with these. If you recreate, just make some chocolate cupcakes and add a dash of chili p to your frosting for good measure.

Blueberry Lemon Dessert Bread

DSC_0401 2This is one of those breads that’s super easy to make and always gets eaten up. You could always create a lemon sugar drizzle, poke some holes into the bread, and pour it on top for even more moist goodness. Beware of sugar coma, though. Recipe here.

Blueberry Thyme Sugar CookiesDSC_0034 copy

I was in a super creative, adventurous mood when I made these pretty cookies. I just took a regular sugar cookie recipe and then rolled in some fresh thyme from the garden. Then I created a blueberry glaze with more fresh thyme and called it a day. I believe I ended up bringing these to a symphony performance for rehearsal room snacking.

And the bread just got done. How’s that for good timing?

Hello and welcome

26th March 2014



Hello! My name is Wendy and I’m a former blog addict who’s decided to rekindle the my affair with the e-journaling world. I’m a freelance writer and photographer with a primary focus on fashion, beauty and happy living. Some call this the “lifestyle niche,” but you can call it whatever you want. I love to go on wild adventures around the globe with my camera in hand.

I grew up in a small, Amish/Mennonite town in northern Indiana called Middlebury and have since moved on to travel the globe (five continents) and I even live abroad for a year (Seoul, South Korea). I’ve settled down in the dry, but stunning, desert a la Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition to being a wanderlust, I try my hand at gardening, baking, crafting and, of course, beauty and fashion.

PS. “Wendybird,” as you might have guessed, is from Peter Pan. It’s a nickname my mother’s called me since I was a wee thing and close friends also refer to me as the same. You can call me Wendybird, bird or just Wendy. ^.^

xo, Wendy