Meet Wendy


Hello! My name is Wendy and I’m a former blog addict who’s decided to rekindle my affair with the e-journaling world. I’m a freelance writer and photographer with a primary focus on fashion, beauty and happy living. Some call this the “lifestyle niche,” but you can call it whatever you please.

I love to go on wild adventures around the globe with my camera in hand. I grew up in a small, Amish/Mennonite town in northern Indiana called Middlebury and have since moved on to travel the globe and I even lived abroad for a year (Seoul, South Korea). I’ve settled down in the dry, but stunning, desert a la Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition to being a wanderlust, I try my hand at gardening, baking, crafting and, of course, love dabbling in the realm of all things beauty and fashion.

PS. “Wendybird,” as you might have guessed, is from Peter Pan. It’s a nickname my mother’s called me since I was a wee thing and close friends also refer to me as the same. You can call me Wendybird, bird or just Wendy. ^.^

xo, Wendy

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